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2019 CrossFit Open at CrossFit Route 7

As we get closer to the Open and performing the Open Wods please take the time to read over the Score judging, submission and validation requirements starting in sections 1.14.

All CrossFit Open Wods will occur on Fridays at CFR7 as the WOD (Saturdays at BCF). All WODs will be partnered up and judged with the Class Coaches enforcing the standards and flow of the Workouts. Integrity and accountability is crucial.

Athletes enrolled in the Open should do their best to partner with other Open athletes. Rx with Rx and Scale with Scaled if possible.

An addition. All workouts performed at CrossFit Route 7 and BCF MUST have a Coach present during all Open WOD attempts outside of scheduled Open WOD times 🕜. Scores that were not observed by a Coach will NOT be validated. Regardless if judge has taken the CF judging course.

If a judge is not available the athlete must record their performance and submit 📼 online via the CrossFit Games online video submission process. Section 1.16 of rulebook.

If performing Open WODs at another box, scores are submitted with that specific CrossFit Affiliate as the validating entity.

Good luck!!!🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

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2019 CrossFit Games Open Rulebook

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